Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Sanaa is home to a community of talented artists, illustrators, photographers, typographers, painters and creatives from all over Australia. 
Our mission is to build a community of creators that inspire modern trends through honest storytelling and authentic design with a creator focus. 
Though we encourage all art forms and promote the unique, we’ve developed these guidelines to ensure our community stays inspirational, respectful and supportive.

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Integrity & Authenticity

By Creating a Sanaa account you retain all rights to the content you upload, however you grant permission for us to distribute your content.
The more authentic your artwork, the better. We celebrate it. When you upload original artwork, we reward your efforts. We’ve got a team of in-house marketers ready to promote your products.


Copyright & Intellectual Property

Sanaa celebrates original art. Anything that infringes on another's intellectual property rights is not allowed and directly contradicts with our purpose. It is for this reason that we reserve the right to remove any user or design, at any time, that breaches our Terms of Service, breaks the law or negatively impacts our community standards. 
If you have any questions regarding this, you may consult your own legal professional. 



Copyright is a form of intellectual property law that protects the original works in a tangible medium, both published and unpublished. Copyright is hugely important because it protects individual and original works of expression. Any works that don’t follow copyright law, will be removed and your account may be suspended. 



Trademark law governs the use of words, phrases, logos, symbols or a combination of these elements that distinguishes the goods of one party from another. This prevents artists from using distinctive or recognizable marks, symbols, or logos in their own designs (e.g. the Nike® swoosh). Any works that don’t follow trademark law, will be removed and your account may be suspended. 


Publicity Rights / Celebrity Likeness

Publicity right means everyone has the right to allow or not allow their name, image or likeness to be used for commercial purposes. We do not allow the sale of artwork that uses someone's likeness without their prior written permission. This covers all artwork featuring a celebrity or celebrity's likeness. Any works that don’t follow Publicity rights, will be removed and your account may be suspended. 


Stock Photography

Put simply, we do not allow stock photography on Sanaa. This is because stock photography goes against our standard of originality and it’s a grey area when it comes to a service like ours. Despite it being stock photography, licenses vary on the imagery. Most sites declare that unmodified photos are strictly not permitted. Our advice is to be careful in this space as you are legally responsible for any consequences that may come from selling it. 

Prohibited Content

Though we encourage open expression and boundary pushing, out of respect for our community some subject matter is prohibited on Sanaa. 
Here are examples of the types of content that are not allowed on the site. Any use of such content is grounds for immediate account suspension. You are not permitted to post artwork, titles, tags, descriptions or any other content that is:

Graphic or violent
Sexually violent
Child Exploitation
Religiously offensive
Illegal Activity

Site Etiquette 

Account Setup

You must fill out information that is accurate, complete and up to date.


There is no circumstance where harassment or bullying is tolerated on Sanaa. 
Harassment can be, but is not limited to:

  • Making negative, abusive and/or threatening comments
  • Spamming other community members with unsolicited or offensive content
  • Messaging, commenting or inviting other community members to respond negatively to a victim

We go to great lengths to make sure the above does not occur on Sanaa, however, if you have witnessed or experienced any form of harassment or bullying please contact us immediately to report your concern.

Tags & Keywords

Tags and keywords are what makes your design visible on our site, however, excessive tagging or irrelevant tagging will be penalised. Please ensure your tags are appropriate and relevant. 

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