How do I become a creator?

Step 1: Register as a Creator on our Sanaa Creator Dashboard. This will be your Sanaa home where you can upload products, see what you've sold and access support.

Step 2: Get designing! Each product varies in size so make sure to use our product templates

Step 3: Upload your design to the dashboard

Step 4: Choose your product variants

Step 5: Submit for review

Step 6: Start selling your products


How do I upload a collection?

Step 1: Login to your dashboard

Step 2: Click the Create Collection button

Step 3: Fill in the required information

Step 4: Add a cover image that fits the dimensions 820x312 and also clearly identifies your name

Step 5: Submit


How do I upload a product?

Step 1: Go into your Collection

Step 2: Upload a Primary Image. This will be the design that is seen on your product

Step 3: (Optional) Upload an Additional Image. This will be an alternate design to avoid colour clashes with coloured tees

Step 4: Fill in the required information

Step 5: Select your products (ensure the image you provide fits the dimensions the product requires to ensure a high quality end product)

Step 6: Submit


Usage rights

You can find all the terms and conditions at www.sanaa.com.au/terms-conditions


Community Guidelines

You can find all the community guidelines at www.sanaa.com.au/terms-conditions



Sanaa exclusively prints on paper that originates from FSC approved forests. Meaning our products are high quality and 100% sustainable. Our printing partners ensure there are no excess products to maintain a zero waste plan. This also lowers the Co2 emissions of our company by shipping only when a product has been ordered.


Copyright and Intellectual Property

If you believe your copyright or other intellectual property rights are being infringed, you are able to make a formal complaint by sending an email to support@sanaa.com.au with a description of the product.


Who is Sanaa?

Sanaa was built to help creators like you to get their products to market in an easy and affordable way. We provide the platform where you can upload your designs then it's over to us to facilitate manufacturing, printing, shipping and all that other business stuff. All you need to do is create the design, choose your products and voila! You can start selling.


What's this e-commerce store?

A little spiel about us. We're a bunch of creatives, designers, artists and illustrators who just want to make cool shit, simple as that. But (and we're sure you have had the same experience) we struggled to find means to do this without it being costly, boring and just not what we wanted. So, along came Sanaa, an inclusive ecommerce platform that puts your designs onto product, without the stress.


What does my Sanaa Dashboard do?

Your Sanaa Dashboard gives you control over your designs, collections & products featured on the Sanaa site. The dashboard also ensures you've set up your account so that you can be paid out at the end of each month.


What's Stripe & do I need it?

Stripe is the platform we use to pay your out your creator profits.

You can sign up to Stripe with connect.stripe.com

Connect your stripe account through your dashboard.sanaa.com.au

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